Self Appreciation Day 30- Perfectly Imperfect

Wow, 30 days and 30 things.  Some days I really had to think hard but I learned a lot. This was a great experience for me and an eye opener.  I mentioned in the first post we all to often focus on the negative about ourselves and rarely talk about the good things, this ;last 30 days I wanted to show it is possible to focus on the good things and sometimes not be humble about it and JUST SHARE IT !

I learned that overall I am pretty awesome and need to remind myself of that often.

I learned even being “imperfect ” is great because we all are, we just need to focus on what makes each one of us amazing and run with it.

I learned that my perception of me has changed a lot and helped build some confidence that I was previously lacking.

I learned that by pointing out good things about myself made me want to tell others what I thought was great about them.  I will continue this act for others.

I learned I am perfectly imperfect and 100 % awesome.



Self Appreciation Day 29- Philantrophist

I am humble in the sense I do not need or want to toot my own horn on this, for giving should be a selfless act and sometimes best anonymous.  I do not need recognition for acts that I do.

I could tell you many stories of me giving, but I will only share one because it is my most public form of giving and it includes my friends.

Each year now for the last 3 years I have hosted the “Teddy for a Toonie ” Dodgeball tournament to raise money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital  My friends and their hearts are what make this event as amazing as it is and makes me want to make it better every year.  Dodge ball is a kids game but there are many adults who love the sport. What a better way to raise funds right ?

This year the tournament is May 31 and I have a goal to have 16 teams and to raise $3000.  To date at the previous two my friends have helped raise just shy of $5000.

The thing I love most about doing this event is the ideas these friends come up with to increase the fundraising.  Things like a swear jar or one player allowing balls to be thrown at him for $5 a pop ( and idea for this year)  My friends really step up to the plate and support me and I could not ask for more.

I love giving and this yearly tournament allows giving on so many levels. Activity, Friendship, Money, Fun, and yes because it is dodgeball- Bruises, many bruises.

Look out in the future for a post on this years tourney !


Self Appreciation Day 28- Good Friend.

When I was younger I was the picked on kid.  I yearned for friends many times when most would just ignore me.  As I got older that changed and my perspective on friends changed.  It is never about the number of friends, but the quality.

I am always trying to be a good friend.  Whether a late night call to pick someone up drunk, or an ear to vent to or even just a call to hang out and be a goofball with. I try to be there.

I value friendship a lot and I know at times I tried too hard but through that I learned this….to gain good friends you have to be a good friend.  Your friendships will evolve over time and many friends will come and go.  It is a natural progression in life.

Be the friend that one day they look bad and go…..Man he was awesome !


Self Appreciation Day 27- Good Uncle.

This has come through trial and error.

I have been blessed in my life with a beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent Niece who I love with all my heart and want the best for.  I love to see when she is happy and smiling and see her succeed.  This child is such a smart kid, with a great sense of humor, she shares my love of hockey, travel and harassing her mom.  She also shares her love of roller coasters with me.



I have enjoyed seeing her grow up and wish she could stay little forever.  It is bitter sweet.  She has been a huge blessing in my life.

I joke with her that she is “birth control”  but in reality when I spend time with her, she makes me desire to have a child of my own.

For now, we still get to hang out, but one day Uncle Mark won’t be as fun I am sure, she is 11 now and growing into a beautiful young woman full of potential.  I love you Sirenity more than life itself and I will always be here for you.

I also have two very lively Nephews aged 5 and 3. Ethan and Liam. The boys keep me on my toes when I see them.  I have grown up with sisters and female influence in my life more than male.  So having two little boys to hang out with has been different and good all at once.  I got to buy toy cars, nerf guns, trucks, and boy jackets.  I have enjoyed spending time with these boys and love when they get excited to see me and tire me out as quickly as they can.





At their current ages they remind me to keep a fun mindset like kids do.  I am looking forward to seeing these boys grow up.  Love you Ethan and Liam 🙂



I Love being and Uncle !


Self Appreciation Day 26- Determined.

This kinda goes with my Positive Outlook.

I may fail at things but I am always determined to try.

I am determined to succeed at tasks

I am determined to understand the questions I have no answers to.

I am determined to keep growing.

I am determined to always improve

I am determined to foster and build the relationships around me.

I am determined to be the best “me” I can be daily.

I am determined.


Self Appreciation Day 25- Supportive.

Whether it is a friend taking on a new venture or dealing with a life circumstance I do my best to be supportive.

I love to see family and friends be successful.  I have talents and an ear that I use to support those people with.  I do many things free, such as my photography skills to help others in their endeavors.

I do this not because I have to but because I know what it is like to not be supported in some things I have attempted.  It is an empty feeling.

So, I support as best as I can and where I can to help others take those steps.  Many have returned the favor.


Self Appreciation Day 23- Not shy at all !

It has been said to me- “Put Mini into a room of 100 people and he will make at least 80 new friends.”

Simply put, I am not shy and I love to get to know people.  You will never find me on the sidelines waiting to meet new people or create new situations.

July 2013 1331

I love to talk and yes sometimes I am hard to shut up.  This is an asset when trying to meet new people or promote what you are doing.  For example. I run various charitable endeavors on my behalf and help others with theirs.  My lack of shyness definitely is an asset here, drumming up excitement and talking to anyone who is around.  This creates opportunity for new interactions and fun moments

Are you more introverted or extroverted ?



Self Appreciation Day 22- Sexy Bald Head !

OK, so this one is a little more funny, but so truthful.

I am , for the most part…..Bald.

I remember shaving my head for the first time permanently in 2005.  It was quick and painless and thankfully my head had good shape !  I was kinda blessed and maybe think I was meant to be bald all along.

See, bald and sexy !
See, bald and sexy !

I did not want to keep holding on to the little hair I had left and I figured if Bruce Willis and Jason Statham could rock the bald look and be sexy, why couldn’t I ?  So, off it all came and I have not looked back and really don’t miss my hair at all.  Bald is Sexy !



Self Appreciation Day 21- Good Team Mate

I have been playing Dodgeball with essentially the same friends for 7 years now.  I have great team mates and this directly makes me want to always be the best team mate I can  be for these people.

I am consistent, always there and rarely miss a game, Heart Attack excluded of course. I have fun when I am there.  I do my best to encourage everyone each game.

I am definitely good for a laugh or 10 in a game.  I am clumsy and get hit in the junk or face A LOT !  So, yes, through a little pain I still make them laugh.  Some have said it isn’t a game unless I have been hit in the junk at least once  haha.

I love my team mates and friends and will always try to be the best team mate I can be 🙂



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