Story Time- The Ctrain Girl

Sometimes I have the funniest things happen and they can be so random and funny……I shared this story on my personal Facebook page in January of this year.

Here in Calgary, I work downtown.  I must take the Ctrain ( light rail transit) into work and home.  There are so many things that can happen in a 12 min ride and sometimes it happens to me.


The Story…..

It was shortly after 4:00 pm, I was on my way home and slid my small frame into a very packed and squished Ctrain.  So packed that you were rubbing various body parts onto others.

The Ctrain stopped quickly and in front of me was cute young lady.  As it stopped our positions essentially placed me right up against her, her body pressed into mine and into the side of the train.

This could be awkward right ?

I looked at her and smiled as we were inches from each others faces and said         ” Normally when I am this close to a woman, I have at least bought her dinner.”  Her reply without pause was ” That wouldn’t be such a bad idea.”  ( insert metal YES here !)

Umm… what ?  I was trying to make the situation light then she makes that comment and the second she was done, my brain went to mush.

We chatted a bit, laughed about the situation then came my stop.  As I left I said ” Nice to meet you and did something NO MAN should ever do……

I gave her a High 5 and walked away.

This, my friends may explain why I can’t get a date.

My friends had a heyday on facebook with comments.  I am glad I can be a source of laughter for others. Some said, maybe I should have asked for her # or that this could be one of those “connections lost”.  Some suggested I go on Craigslist to try and find this girl.

Well…..Going on Craigslist was not needed.  Tomorrow I will share part two.

Lesson here: NEVER HIGH 5 A CUTE WOMAN !


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