The People that I meet….Cuteness Edition

Great day today !  As I mentioned in my last post I have set a goal to meet 3 new people per week and learn a little about them.

Today, two little ladies blessed me by approaching me as I was taking a photo of this…..



As I was taking this photo two girls who were no older than 6 each said hello to me.

These girls were with their parents.  What happened next was so awesome.

They immediately started showing me these little medals in their tiny cute hands.

So I knelt down in front them and  asked what they were for and with excitement in their eyes and smiles on their faces they told me they won them at a skating event.

One of the girls won Gold while the other received a Bronze.  They both had the same excitement, it seemed the color of the medal did not matter.


I asked the parents if I could take a photo.  Due to privacy they did allow a pic of the girls hands with their medals brightly being displayed.  The girls both were blonde, wearing pig tails in their hair and they wore the cutest Tu Tu’s. One was pink while the other was blue/green.

There was a lot of cuteness going on. Almost more than should be allowed !  The sight of their excitement in their eyes made my day.

The thing I loved most about meeting these two lovely ladies was their pure happiness, excitement and how much they wanted to show off their medals.

Sometimes in my life I know I forget to allow pure happiness to shine through.

These ladies taught me today that sometimes it is good to “brag” a little and share unbridled excitement over an achievement with anyone you may encounter.

Faith, excitement and energy…….something we can learn from Children.






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