The First Step….Let’s Do This !

240e2So where do I start ?  I start simply with this.  I am a man, an imperfect person just trying to make it in this crazy fast moving world.  I have made mistakes and had successes in my life.  I do want to focus more now on what has gone right instead of the things that have not.  The more people focus on the negative the less they will be successful in moving forward to achieve what they want.  For too long I was that way and that is probably why I am where I am in my life currently.

I will note right off the start of this blog that I am a heart attack survivor and I have spent the last few months writing and saving things on my computer.  I have questioned everything and almost everyone in my life.  Thought about how I will now create the future I want.  I have learned not to worry about how others feel I should live my life.  I have yet to share any of what you may read publicly for I am still trying to understand why I lived when so many die.  They always say better late than never right?  So my story begins through words and photography.  It’s time to share.

Comments are welcome and I have a hope of gaining readers as I go along.



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