Self Appreciation Day 21- Good Team Mate

I have been playing Dodgeball with essentially the same friends for 7 years now.  I have great team mates and this directly makes me want to always be the best team mate I can  be for these people.

I am consistent, always there and rarely miss a game, Heart Attack excluded of course. I have fun when I am there.  I do my best to encourage everyone each game.

I am definitely good for a laugh or 10 in a game.  I am clumsy and get hit in the junk or face A LOT !  So, yes, through a little pain I still make them laugh.  Some have said it isn’t a game unless I have been hit in the junk at least once  haha.

I love my team mates and friends and will always try to be the best team mate I can be 🙂



Self Appreciation Day 20- I am a good photographer

I love doing photoshoots and each one creates new learning.  Through a lot of trial and error and self teaching, I have become a good photographer.

I will be a great one as I continue to develop this skill.

I look at some of my photos and am amazed at how far I have come and an impressed and happy with my work.

Nothing pleases me more than when someone loves some photos I have taken of them because I have done my best to produce a great photo and worked hard to ensure I was showing what I felt was quality.

Good to Great, it is gonna happen folks !


Self Appreciation Day 18- Passionate

In many ways if there is something I feel strongly about, I become extremely passionate about it.

If it is a hobby or a sport or task at work, my fundraising endeavors and yes even in relationships that excite and engage me, there is a great chance that I will become very passionate.

I am passionate about playing Dodgeball and the Children’s Hospital….so I combined those two loves into a Dodgeball Tournament and became super passionate about making it successful every year.

What are you passionate about ?


Self Appreciation Day 17- I have a great Runners Butt !

I have a great runner’s butt……This statement has been going with me for a while.  It started as a joke when someone asked me to tell them about a physical feature that i liked about myself.

I was/ am a runner and running does builf great legs and a great but.  Don’t believe me?  Go watch a race, then you will  Ha ha.

So, yes, I have a great runners butt and am proud of it !

What is your favorite physical feature ?


Self Appreciation Day 16- Friendly

I am a nice boy, i like to meet people.  I choose to be friendly to others.

Why ?  It is easy.  to be friendly to others is to show you like yourself.  Being friendly in different situations has brought me some of the most interesting conversations.

This doesn’t always lead to new friendships, but it does lead to great moments and some fun.  I am great at approaching others to say hello and maybe make a friend.

Being friendly also can mean I can be a flirt, which makes things even a little more interesting.

Being friendly to those around you may brighten their day.  Doesn’t matter if they know you or not.  Make them smile and you be the reason they are.


Self Appreciation Day 15- I am a Fun Guy !

I try to make every situation I am involved in a good time.

I have a playful side, part child/ part adult. I tend to crack jokes, randomly dance or sing just for the heck of it.  There are times to be serious but sometimes you just have to break the ice and be a goof to lighten a situation.

This is something I am generally good at.  I love seeing the people around me laughing and having a good time and sometimes.

really fun is me after a glass of wine or two 🙂



Self Appreciation Day 14- Learning/ Learner ?

Wow I am at the two week mark of this already eh ?  This totally ties into today’s Appreciation.

I am a total information whore.  I love to learn.  Current events are one of my favorite topics, the world., travel.

I was not a big fan of school until University.  Then something changed, I was motivated to learn and be the best I could and pass my exams and projects.

People.  I love to learn about those around me.  Do we ever really know some of our friends ?  Not unless we listen well, open our ears and really listen.  Mix in a questions here and there and you can learn so much about those you spend the most time with.

What are your favorite things to learn about ?



Self Appreciation Day 13- Great Story Teller.

If something hits my mind I write it down, or if I experience something in life I am great at telling the story.  Many of them I plan on re sharing on my blog.

I love to tell my stories.  Usually the funny things and yes occasionally, the ones where people will go ” Oh Geez Mini, things always seem to happen to you.”

It’s not that they always happen to me.  I just happen to share them when some won’t.

Recent stories I have told have been about experiences on my rides on Calgary Transit.  Drunk people throwing popcorn bags at each other.  There is also the story of Ctrain girl.  One quick turn on a squished train and our bodies were pressed together tightly, coulda asked for her phone number, instead I high fived her as I left the train ( this may be why I am single lol ).

Each story any one of us could tell could be small or a big adventure or like something out of a sitcom.  Mine are more like sitcoms but so worth telling sometimes.

Soon, I will tell the biggest story of my life to date.  With that and many others, I hope to captivate those who read.

What kind of stories do you like to share ?



Self Appreciation Day 11- Funny

OK, so I tell jokes, I fall down randomly  and tell some funny stories.

Funny can be anything.  If something funny happens in my daily life, I love telling the story.  Why?  Because we all need to laugh and sometimes these stories are meant to share.

These stories really are the most important part of me being funny and I am ok with it because it enlightens my day and they days of those around me.

I tell jokes or quips on random moments to lighten situations.  Do they all succeed ?  No, but there is always some humor in what I joke about.

I laugh a lot and get laugh at.  I have a warped and fun sense of humor, which is why it just works 🙂

What makes you funny ?



Self Appreciation Day 10- LOYAL

Whether it is friends, family, girlfriend ( single right now !) I am loyal to those who are loyal to me.

I am fiercely loyal and for many people I will fight for them. I have never cheated on a girlfriend, even in moments of temptation when things were rocky.

I even have some friends that are on my non negotiable list.  What does that mean ?

It means that these friends I will never, for any reason walk away from because someone I am dating ” doesn’t approve”.  Most of the friends on this list are those who have been around for years or some who have had a huge impact on my life.

I have both male and female friends on this list.  I know this may make some women  I date uncomfortable BUT…I am loyal to my friends and will be loyal to “my girl”

I appreciate those friends who have stood by my side when most would walk away.  For that reason alone, it pays to be there for all my friends.

What are your reasons to be loyal to others ?



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