38 by 38 “To Do” List – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my 38 by 38 “To Do” list.  Some of these are a little more personal than the previous 19.  

I will begin this list as soon as next week and I will be blogging on the experiences.


20. 2 day camping trip on my own. Alone.

I chose this because every so often it is good to be one with nature and your own thoughts. Fresh air and the sounds of nature makes this appealing to me in so many ways.

21. Landscape photo shoot with Yves.

He is a talented photographer and I have always wanted to join him on one of his landscape shoots. You up for it Yves ?

22. Organize a big Capture the Flag game at night with glow sticks.

I LOVED this game as a kid and remember the night games fondly in boy scouts. I want to include as many people as possible. So, who’s in ?

23. Stampeders vs Rough Riders in Regina.

All I have to say is “Let’s Go Stamps.”

24. Design my own Tech running shirt.

I want a shirt I can call my own for races. One that shares a little bit of me. I may need an artist to assist with this but I have some ideas.

25. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one weekend.

OK, I must admit I have not seen even one of these movies or read the books. I have always been slightly intrigued but not enough to actually do it. So here it goes. I am going to do this !

26. 25 interviews with Heart Attack survivors.

I have shared my story and want to hear others. Obviously because each experience is different and I want to educate myself while hearing from others.

27. Tell my Heart Attack Story in a public speaking type setting.

I have spoken in front of hundreds of people before and I am far from shy. I am a good story teller. I really hope to be able to speak publicly to others in the same manner and share my experiences of recovery and being healthy.

28. Make a time capsule that I can bury and open with my kids should I ever be blessed enough to have any.

. I dream of having a family. I do not know if this will ever happen but I want something fun to share with them when they are teens or adults. Should I not have any kids of my own then hopefully the capsule will be found one day by some random person.

29. Take the TESOL course.

I want to travel and teach English for one year. The first step is the TESOL course. NO more excuses, it is time to do what I want and this has been high on my list for a long time.

30. East Asia vacation. Jan- March 2015.

I want to go where no one knows me, my past or my issues in health and personal life. I want to go and let the focus be on a dream trip where I can focus on me and what really makes me who I am with no discussion of my health or negatives. Far away from here I want to be me without the baggage being the focus.

31. Start a 4 week running/ weight loss group.

I find more and more people contact me to run with them or ask questions about my weight loss and my health and exercise since my heart attack. Apparently the things I have done in 12 months has motivated others to make life changes. I want to help people get started.

32. Volunteer trip overseas.

Years ago I was signed up for a trip to Guatemala with World Vision but put that on hold to support my girlfriend at the time who was doing a trip to Romania with the same organization. Please know it was my decision at the time and I harbor no hard feelings nor regrets about not going. I merely learned that one must do what they want to or they may never get that chance again. I am creating that chance.


33. Charity Photo Project Completed.

I am currently embarking on a photo project in which I am donating half of my fee to the Alberta Children’s hospital and a local women’s shelter with a goal of raising $2500 to split between the two. This will take months to complete and a lot of personal time. I promise it will be worth the effort put forth for everyone involved. I want to see this to completion. 50 photoshoots @ $100 each.

34. Lunch with Roger Rhodes and Erin Skye Kelly.

I enjoy listening to these two personalities and have spoken with both at some point in my life. They are remarkable, intelligent and funny people who really live life and seem to care about the goings on of the world. My goal is to take each one of them to lunch separately just for the heck of it. There is no rhyme or reason specifically other than to have a great time with these two people. You can hear Roger on Country 105 and Erin was on QR77 but is soon to be doing a new adventure soon.

35. Skate on Lake Louise.

The Ice, Winter, Beauty of Lake Louise. Need I say more ? I have never done this and I have lived so close for all my life.

36. Photo a day from age 37- 38.

I want to photo document one year on pic at atime each day between by birthdays. This is a huge endeavor and the photos won’t be planned. The will be random. I see a lot of selfies coming my way haha.

37. Ride the New York New York rollercoaster in Vegas with my niece Sirenity.

This is very important to me and requires me to be in the utmost health. I missed doing this in Vegas in May of 2013 with her and I regret we did not have the time. Now with my health being the way it is, this may be the scariest of the things on my “to do” list. I know there is a risk on my life by attempting this but I have to do this for her, for me. I know how bad she wanted to try that coaster. I will not fear, I will just do.

38. Date night with mom once per month on non travel months, should I partake in my travel “to do’s”

Our parents. As we get older sometimes we forget that they too are aging. We get pre occupied with our daily lives that sometimes we forget to make time for them. Our parents crave the phone calls even if just brief and they really cherish the time we give them even though they would always want more of it but aren’t selfish enough to ask. I love my mom and this is by far the most important thing on my list. Only one thing can stop this and that is one of my life goals that I will discuss in a separate blog post.


So, friends.  That is my list.  I hope many of you will join me in this adventure.  Cheer me on, attend any of the group events or just help hold me accountable.

Life is ours to live and each day we have a choice on how to live it.  Today I commit to really living and experiencing life.  For me.



38 By 38 “To Do” List- Part 1

Inspired by Lindsay Smallwood, a friend who did this last year and blogged about it. I have decided to create my own to do list.

You can check out her blog here.  http://30for30pro.blogspot.ca/ 

What is it?  It is a list of 38 things I WILL accomplish by my 38th birthday on August 19, 2015.

Without further delay, here is the first 18 things on my to do list.  But first a Picture.


1. My first Tattoo by my friend and artist Ashla Bee.

Ashla works for Atticus Tattoo and I have seen her work online and love her talents. I want to support friends in their endeavors and her work is amazing. I recommend you check it out their Facebook Page at:  https://www.facebook.com/atticustattoo

2. Complete my first Half Marathon post Heart Attack.

My goal is the Melissa’s Half in September. Physically I am ready for this. Mentally, I will be strong enough. I love running and love the half distance. This will be more challenging than the first one I ever completed.

3. Take a homeless person to lunch.

I actually have a particular homeless person in mind that I saw everyday close to my work downtown. I want to do this to be able to share an experience with someone who may not get a chance to have a “Fancy” kinda meal and actually listen to whatever they wish to talk about. There are so many stories behind people’s eyes.

4. Photograph and interview 10 random people who I do not know.

On the spot interview. This may be more difficult than I think. I wish to do this to test my ability to connect my passions of photography and people. I will only grow as long as I keep being comfortable approaching new individuals.

5. Take a Sushi making class.

I have wanted to do this for ages and just never got around to it. I would love to be able to make sushi from home but I want to learn from a sushi chef first.

6. Kiss a girl underwater.

Yep, you read that right. Whether in a pool or lake or ocean, I want to do this. Being single may make this tough to achieve. Any women I know want to attempt this with me? I think this would be just a fun thing to do.

7. Bake a birthday cake for a friend.

OK, I am no baker and I have attempted this and failed once. I want to try this one more time.

8. Celebrate my 37th birthday.

Those who know me well, know I hate doing things for my birthday. Not sure why but I just do. I hate the attention I think. After having a Heart Attack, I have reason to celebrate this next one for I almost did not get to my 36th.

9. Volunteer at a race.

I love race volunteers and I know how much many of them have meant to me in the brief moments I see them when I am running. Whether it be at a water station or giving out a medal, I want to experience the other side of a race.

10. Write 2 articles for www.mindbodygreen.com .

I love this website and read it regularly. I find the articles fun and inspiring and interesting to myself in creating a healthy me. I want to be a contributor at least twice.

11. Write 3 letters to friends and mail them.

Letter writing is a lost art nowadays and I cannot remember the last time I did this. So now I want to send three friends a letter with a little something special inside. I am curious as to whether they will write back.

12. Spend a night at the Palliser Hotel.

I have always wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. It is historic and a big part of Calgary. I want to feel like a king for a night by staying there. It is a hotel that is out of my price range usually but I am going to save to experience The Palliser in all her glory.

13. Say yes to everything for one day within reason.

There will be no shenanigans that will endanger or humiliate myself or others but I will accept challenges throughout the day and absolutely write about it.

14. Buy a completely tailored suit.

I have lost weight and become healthy. My current suits are too big and I wish now to buy my first completely tailored suit to match my body type. Trust me, buying a suit regularly for a guy my size is always a tough thing to do. I am awkward and I am ok with that.

15. Walk to Banff National Park and back.

Crazy idea ? Absolutely ! This is a personal challenge. I want to test myself and this is a somewhat safe way to do this. I may never walk or run across Canada ( or maybe I will ) so this is my physical challenge to me. May turn this into a fundraiser.

16. 1 month, 1 random act of kindness per day.

I am a giver, it is what is in my nature. I have been blessed many times in the last year so I want to pay it forward. I want to be anonymous and hopefully not found out 

17. Read 25 books to completion.

I love reading and sometimes I will start a book and forget to come back to it. My goal is to finish each book in full.

18. Hike Sulphur Mountain in Banff.

I have not done this since High school but remember how much I enjoyed it. It is physical challenge #2 on my list.

19. Disconnect from all social media and non work related email for one week.

I am a self confessed Social Media whore and spned more time online than is probably healthy. When I went to Cuba in April, internet was limited and I loved the few days I had with no outside contact. I found it enabled me to ease some stress and really pay attention to what was around me. Including the people who were with me. 7 days. I can do that right ?


What you have read here are the first 19.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the next 19.

 Life is about adventure my friends and now it is time for me to experience a little.





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