I have lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada my entire life, been to Lake Louise many times during the spring and summer months.  Most times on dates  ( now there goes any future dates there haha ! )

Never, not even once have I ever skated on Lake Louise, nor visited during the winter.

I must start by saying I love going to the Mountains year round but how I have skipped this winter gem for so long, I will never understand.

Skating on Lake Louise is on my 38 by 38 list, for a couple reasons.  First because I have always wanted to do this but made excuses not to go during the winter.  Secondly, it is another physical feat in my continuous growth since my heart attack.

Anyway, enough back story.  Onto the fun !

Being that I haven’t been on skates for a few years, I was a little nervous but that subsided as soon as my skates were on.

 I sat there and enjoyed the view, took in the crisp air and watched as people skated by for a few minutes. 

I had visions of coasting on the ice, picking up speed, skating smoothly.  Then I stepped on the ice and it was more like, well, watch the clip….


Yep, I was just that gracious in my ability.  Actually I think Bambi did it better.

I can skate……like Bambi.  Legs sprawled, slipping and praying I don’t fall face first !  I like to think I looked kind of cute and adorable just like Bambi.  My thoughts are most likely wrong but hey, a guy can dream !

 Once I got my feet about me I just skated and enjoyed just being out there, spoke to a few people and took some photos. 

One couple was having so much fun, I had to snap a few photos.  She was from BC and he from Australia and they were on their last day in the area before they went back to BC.  It always amazes me how much Aussies enjoy the snow.








If you have never been to Lake Louise, Alberta in the Winter I highly recommend going.  The skating is amazing, the Ice Sculptures are stunning, the views are breath taking, almost like walking or driving through a winter wonderland.   The people you will meet are quite engaging and you’ll hear some great stories if you listen.  You will meet mainly tourists who’s excitement you can see. 


Don’t rush the experience, take your time, explore Chateau Lake Louise  and maybe even buy a silly toque.  Oh and it is totally OK if you skate just like me because there are a few others who look just as silly but smiling just as large.








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