2016 was my year Part 3 – A Muddy Girl and a Love Story.


2016 was my year Part 3 – A Muddy Girl and a Love Story.


There she was, covered in mud and doing burpees, looking like it was tough, so I looked at her, told her “ You’ve got this”  gave her encouragement.  Her green eyes shined through mud and we began to talk as she joined Sarah, Al and I for the rest of the challenge.  I will not say it was love at first sight but I was entrapped by her smile and energy immediately.  A few obstacles later, a mesh climbing wall, I told her to go ahead of me, to be nice…ok, I will be honest because she knows the truth.  I totally got her to go ahead so I could check out her muddy bum.

 She was fun and doing great, she completed the race with us.

We lost Sarah at the end briefly and took some photos together and separately. 

A few photos later, I asked for her number under the guise of “texting her the photos I took on my phone.” While asking for her number, the speakers were playing “ Call Me Maybe” by Carly Jepson.  HAHHAH….Smooth right ?  She had no clue of what I was thinking.  We went to the outdoor showers and cleaned off, each taking turns with the cold water from the hose, fully clothed just to be clear !  We were in public after all and of course, I am a sweet and innocent man ( BS right there my friends !)

Once we were cleaned up we met up with Sarah and Al and headed to the beer gardens where we enjoyed some food, a ton of wasp swatting and a beverage. Our conversations with each other went on for I think close to 2 hours before I knew I had to leave as I had arranged a photo shoot in Black Diamond.  I pushed our conversation right to the limit of time, knowing I would not have long to get to my shoot. Worth it !  I arrived at my shoot covered in Mud but that is ok, it was for a kids birthday.  I figured I would be rolling in the grass once I got there anyway, which rally was kinda true.

We walked towards our vehicles alone, Sarah and Al far behind us, or so I thought hahah.  As we got closer to where she was parked, we stopped and I asked her if I could maybe call her and meet up, kindly she said yes, little did I know how much this moment would change so much for me.  As I was asking, Sarah and Al were walking towards us and I stumbled on my words but still got them out just before they arrived haha.  We parted ways, me knowing how silly busy my schedule was and wondering how I would even get time to see her.  I wanted to see her, this was a first for me in a long time, could she handle my crazy sched ?  Would she get annoyed?  Nope and Nope.  That girl was ….well….

Persistent.  We couldn’t get together with my sched and of course me going out for my birthday ?  That is another funny story.  I had no plans originally, told her so, then after a last minute mind change and call from a friend, I went out.  Well, she was baffled and a little like WTF ?  This only motivated her more, we texted a bit more then she said…..next Thursday, let’s meet.  Direct and to the point, so a date was made for August 25th at Jamieson’s Pub in Brentwood.  Her persistence was exciting for me, someone ACTUALLY wanted to see me, little old me !  No one special, just me.

The first date.  Simple, conversation and beverages.  So much conversation, the hours went by faster than we both wanted, we were engaged in the moment.   Niether one of us wanted the night to end and her persistence once again came through as we decided to continue the conversation until late.

As I walked her to her truck, we talked some more and nervously I went in for a kiss.  I was not 100 % sure she was into me as most times with women I am clueless.  After that kiss, I knew I was in.  I immediately was drawn into her kisses, they filled me with all the tingles and warmth.

The conversation continued well into the evening.  It was nice to have some honest conversation.

8 months later, I am in love, I have met her kids and I feel more love than I thought I ever would deserve.  My office is covered in drawings, my time is spent now planning kid friendly dates going on our own dates, talking late into the evenings about everything both personal and humorous, reading bed time stories, building lego, playing kid card games and having a “kid “ calendar.  My life and heart are full.

None of this would have happened if I had not opened my heart or let someone in.  My girl’s persistence is the one thing that stands out most to me.  No woman has ever pursued me like this before, no one has shown me love the way she does, with actions far more than words.  She is appreciative, romantic and I love the look on her face when she sees me because it is the same look I get on mine and I know how she is feeling.  Her smile is my favorite feature because her whole face lights up and I love the crinkles she gets beside her mouth alongside her cheeks.  Admittedly her cute bum is a close second 😉

She is not perfect but she is perfect for me.  I am excited to see where this goes.


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