Self Appreciation Day 13- Great Story Teller.

If something hits my mind I write it down, or if I experience something in life I am great at telling the story.  Many of them I plan on re sharing on my blog.

I love to tell my stories.  Usually the funny things and yes occasionally, the ones where people will go ” Oh Geez Mini, things always seem to happen to you.”

It’s not that they always happen to me.  I just happen to share them when some won’t.

Recent stories I have told have been about experiences on my rides on Calgary Transit.  Drunk people throwing popcorn bags at each other.  There is also the story of Ctrain girl.  One quick turn on a squished train and our bodies were pressed together tightly, coulda asked for her phone number, instead I high fived her as I left the train ( this may be why I am single lol ).

Each story any one of us could tell could be small or a big adventure or like something out of a sitcom.  Mine are more like sitcoms but so worth telling sometimes.

Soon, I will tell the biggest story of my life to date.  With that and many others, I hope to captivate those who read.

What kind of stories do you like to share ?



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