Self Appreciation Day 21- Good Team Mate

I have been playing Dodgeball with essentially the same friends for 7 years now.  I have great team mates and this directly makes me want to always be the best team mate I can  be for these people.

I am consistent, always there and rarely miss a game, Heart Attack excluded of course. I have fun when I am there.  I do my best to encourage everyone each game.

I am definitely good for a laugh or 10 in a game.  I am clumsy and get hit in the junk or face A LOT !  So, yes, through a little pain I still make them laugh.  Some have said it isn’t a game unless I have been hit in the junk at least once  haha.

I love my team mates and friends and will always try to be the best team mate I can be 🙂



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