Keep on Going, It gets better :)



Tonight I went for a workout which included some treadmill work ( 5 kms- 3.1 miles.)  I did this in about 43 mins.  I also did 30 mins on the bike at the gym.

I felt defeated at the end of this workout.  I felt like I was trying hard and yet I could not get my legs to cooperate with my lungs and more importantly my heart.  I was trying to beat my 38 minute outdoor run from Feb 15 with Alex.

One one side of me there was an older man, maybe in in his 50’s running on his treadmill at a pretty good clip.  On the other side, a 20 something girl who was really giving that machine hell and looking like she was going to run right through the handle bars of the treadmill.  She lasted I am sure close to an hour at that pace.

So, why defeated?  I am still struggling with the fact I may never be as quick as I was before and seeing these perfectly healthy people ( perception, I know. I do not know their stories)  Anyway, seeing them run so fast and smooth made me kinda me feel slightly inadequate and wishing so bad to get to that pace.

Now, of course I know I have to push my limits within reason and be safe.  I wear my Heart Rate Monitor and Nike + watch to keep tabs. I am battling my head that says ” Go for it Mini. Push and Push Hard !”  My body is telling me I am not there yet and I need to be patient.

It is now about “Know Limits” instead of “No Limits”  I want to live a long healthy life.

I will get to where I need to be, I just have to be patient and keep getting stronger.  I know I have it in me and I know I will get to my next “know limit”



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