That Girl…..

In a few moments of sarcasm, funny looks and a little flirting, she had me.

At first it was her look, innocent yet devilish, those eyes and her wit.

As time progressed it became her intelligence, her confidence, the way her sarcasm put me in my place. It was her laugh, seeing her smile, how she made feel real, relevant and funny.  Her affinity for Minions, Lime Chillers, Hockey Boyfriends.  The way I felt normal through conversations, texts and time spent hanging out.

Lime Chiller…..mmm Tasty

It was her slight awkwardness, the way her eyes told her stories or that smirk that made you wonder.

It was her determination, feistiness, her tough yet soft demeanor, her shield. It was all of these that made this “like” genuine and for the right reasons.

Man up Mini.

In the moments where nothing made sense, that girl did.



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