Self Appreciation Day 27- Good Uncle.

This has come through trial and error.

I have been blessed in my life with a beautiful, smart, funny, intelligent Niece who I love with all my heart and want the best for.  I love to see when she is happy and smiling and see her succeed.  This child is such a smart kid, with a great sense of humor, she shares my love of hockey, travel and harassing her mom.  She also shares her love of roller coasters with me.



I have enjoyed seeing her grow up and wish she could stay little forever.  It is bitter sweet.  She has been a huge blessing in my life.

I joke with her that she is “birth control”  but in reality when I spend time with her, she makes me desire to have a child of my own.

For now, we still get to hang out, but one day Uncle Mark won’t be as fun I am sure, she is 11 now and growing into a beautiful young woman full of potential.  I love you Sirenity more than life itself and I will always be here for you.

I also have two very lively Nephews aged 5 and 3. Ethan and Liam. The boys keep me on my toes when I see them.  I have grown up with sisters and female influence in my life more than male.  So having two little boys to hang out with has been different and good all at once.  I got to buy toy cars, nerf guns, trucks, and boy jackets.  I have enjoyed spending time with these boys and love when they get excited to see me and tire me out as quickly as they can.





At their current ages they remind me to keep a fun mindset like kids do.  I am looking forward to seeing these boys grow up.  Love you Ethan and Liam 🙂



I Love being and Uncle !


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