Happy Mother’s Day Mom. I Love You.

My Momma !  Love you !
My Momma ! Love you !

Happy Mothers Day

 A mother is the first woman a boy loves.  The first woman who he picks flowers for, gives his first hug and kisses to.  She is the woman who has a big hand in shaping the man he will become.  She is the first woman he call’s beautiful.  The first woman he will defend even with fists if needed.  The first woman to see him cry. She will see his strengths and weaknesses.  Encourage his talents.

She will sacrifice for her child no matter what and even give up her own dreams to see her child succeed.

Mom is mom.  A Nurse, parent, counsellor, team mate, friend, protector, mentor, drill sergeant,  disciplinarian, chef, maid, surgeon.  The description of her job doesn’t stop there.

A mothers job is one of the toughest out there.  Tonight I say Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there both here and gone because moms are never forgotten.

My Mom.  Cheryl Suchlandt.  She has been my rock, my friend, a pain in the ass, a goofball, a confidant.  She has been there to support me in any endeavor I have tried and encouraged me when I have failed.  She has defended me, given me kicks in the ass when needed.

 No matter how old I become she is still mom and I am still the son she held for the first time 36 years ago.  She only strives to see her kids happy and lives vicariously through each one of us.

She is also a grandmother and friend to many.  She is a woman who gives far more than she has ever received.  She taught me always to help others, not take life too seriously and appreciate the things I do have instead of the things I don’t.  She is one of the most giving souls I know.

She is a great story teller and will talk your ear off for hours if given the chance, she is who I got that gift of gab from.  She also taught me when it is important to listen, to be disciplined.

My mom taught me to be a gentleman in a classic sense.  She instilled chivalry and respect for women in my heart at a young age.  She taught me to be loyal, caring, funny and to never give up.

She is not perfect but she is my mom and I will defend her until my last breath. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom.  I love you.



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