Just a Little Heart Attack…..

Today as I checked my News feed on Facebook, I came across this Video called “Just a Little Heart Attack.”   on my friend Marcie’s Page.  It is a very entertaining and yet informative video and it got me to thinking.

Thinking….Oh my Gosh, this WAS me.  OK, me, minus some of the humorous parts.  All of my signs and symptoms were common with what women experience having a Heart Attack. I did not have typical “Male” symptoms.   Just like the woman in the video it was others who pointed it out.

I did the same things she did, brushing it off, thinking….No, not me.  I am not the type to have a heart attack !  I ignored what was obvious.

Truth is that a Heart Attack is not discriminatory and you could be very healthy with only a small blockage and have it still happen.

Remember that a Heart Attack happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle suddenly becomes blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen. If blood flow isn’t restored quickly, the section of Heart muscle begins to die.  This can happen by a piece of your blockage merely breaking off and stopping the flow.

Anyway, enjoy this funny yet very true video.  It is lighthearted and very well made.

Courtesy of Go Red for Women- an organization in conjunction with The American Heart Association.  I enocurage you to visit their website, read the stories and educate yourself and the women in your life.






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