Tonight’s blog post comes from a man who’s brain is so stuffed full of thoughts and things I just cannot comprehend. It comes from my thoughts after not one but two Facebook posts today outlining crappy things that happened today.

IPHONEOCT 2014 588

Crappy but somewhat humorous considering this is how things happen to me in general.

So here are my thoughts after a day in which I could , under normal circumstances have lost my mind.  I just don’t operate that way anymore. So here it goes…..

Dear Friends,

After what I wrote in two previous posts today, a few of you may think today was a unbelievably shitty day for me. It wasn’t.

You see, crappy things happen all the time to many people, most whom wouldn’t vocalize it. I choose to because sometimes crappy things just happen and for me, in the oddest of ways. Yes what happened sucked and my wallet is going to be lighter. But I got to experience this day.

It’s simple really. No matter how hard life kicks at me, I fight back.  I find the positive in the day.  It’s kinda who I am, what I always do.

Why? Because i just don’t let the shit bring me down as much as it could.  Life could be A LOT worse.

Why sit there and wallow in self pity or as others say ” Marks bad luck.” ? There’s no point. I am stronger than that.  

Maybe I’m nuts but I’ve had plenty of shitty things happen to me, especially the last few years.  

Each day I wake up and am continually thankful that I am simply here for yet another day. Good or bad, it’s my day and I own it. Life is to be lived and sometimes shitty things happen.

Friends, don’t worry about my “luck” because in the big picture, I’m far luckier than most and am thankful for that.


IPHONEOCT 2014 581


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  1. Crap does happen. It’s how you deal with it that matters. Above all, we are lucky as hell and these little bumps in the road are nothing compared to the mountain we’ve already conquered.

  2. Had a cruddy morning here Mark. The school bus being over an hour late put my special needs son into a spin. That in turn led to one very grumpy mother. I was frantically late driving the almost-three year old to preschool along with the baby. It was chilly in Calgary this morning. I passed a young mom waiting for City Transit with four little ones. The oldest looked about four years old. I wanted to kick myself. Yes, my morning didn’t start off the way I had hoped but was so much better than so many in the world. You are right, crap happens, but we need to realize how fortunate we are. You had a car that caused your problems and so many don’t. I had a school bus that caused mine when so many would just like the opportunity to go to school! I am blessed.

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