Bullying 23 years later, Grow Up !

Lucky you, you get two posts today !  I had to write about an experience I had tonight that floored me and made me realize some people never grow up.

I was at a coffee shop editing photos when I ran into someone from Elementary/ Jr. High Jr Hgh 2tonight….It’s amazing what some people remember some 23 years since you have seen them last and yet they still sit there and laugh at you thinking it’s ok. Ya I was a geek, a loser back then, but did they seriously have to remind me with laughter how people like them tormented me for being the little guy ? Ya, you put me in lockers, teased me and spoke harsh words… Some people never grow up, glad I did.





I almost feel sorry for this person.  I mean, they are still hanging onto what they did to me and yet seemed to have little remorse as if it was ok to do what they did all those years ago.  To still laugh and tell the friend who was with them these quick stories about me banging on my locker begging someone to let me out.  I kinda wonder what this person’s life is like now ?  Are they still a bully ? Do they not care about how they affect others around them?  Are they leading a full life or a sad and empty existence ?  Do I really care? Not really.  Life is good now and i can confidently walk away knowing that in those situations I am by far the better person still 23 years later.



I have been told in the past that I care too much for people. This person is one of those reasons I care too much.  I don’t like to see people feel things I have and I care enough to help where and when I can.

Makes me thankful I am not bullied in today’s generation and yet feel even more sorry for people who are bullied nowadays and can’t just escape from their tormentors.  I would take the bullying I received back then over anything kids experience now.



What the heck is wrong with people ?

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One thought on “Bullying 23 years later, Grow Up !

  1. Great post my friend. I too was bullied as a kid. Actually I was bullied at work as an adult also (but that’s a different story). I also wonder about those bullies from Jr. High as I know when I have run into them they are the same. I always feel a mixture of anger and sadness. Mostly sadness for them. Things were tough as a teenager, but now so much better, whereas I think for those bullies everything is the same.

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