My name is Mark. I survived at Heart Attack at age 35.   I am now  a single 39 year year old Heart Attack Survivor.  My friends call me Mini.  It is a nickname that i received in my 20’s from a friend who was a foot taller- we just happened to shave our heads at the same time…..then it happened- he called me his mini me and the name has stuck ever since.

I am a runner, a dodgeball player ( yes, 7 years- in a league !), fairly physically active person.  I have run 5 half marathons, two 5 k races and 22 miles of a marathon ( there will be a post on this. My favorite places to do races are in Disney world and Disneyland- RunDisney.  I love getting that bling !

So why is outlining all of the fitness “stuff ”  ?

Because I am also a Heart Attack Survivor at the age of 35.  August 11, 2013. My life changed. I have had to figure out a new normal.

This blog has been created to allow me to share stories and speak of topics that intrigue my mind.  This is meant as a brain release for me, so that maybe I can sleep at night knowing I have shared my opinion or my thoughts- rather than keep them inside.

All the things I mentioned are a mere part of who I am, they don’t necessarily define me, nor are they the be all and end all of my being.  Join me on my journey and hopefully you will find something worth reading as I go along.





5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Found you on a site looking for a heart, which yours has been through the trenches , survived and thrived. I would love to tell you my story. Hope to hear from you.

  2. Hey, Mark. My name is David. I’m 42. 5 kids. Ages 22-10. My wife and I got married right out of high school, joined the military, had our eldest daughter within a year and a half and were literally able to travel the world. We’ve been going strong for nearly 25 years now… until two weeks ago. 90% blockage in my left ventricular descending artery and a 75% blockage in my right ascending artery. Stents were put in; the blockages cleared. I actually already feel a bit better. The downside is there was significant damage to the heart muscle itself. Very significant. I am currently wearing a defibrillator and am going to be assessed for an LVAD later today. Of course, the LVAD will be a bridge to transplant. My current E.F. is 17 and the Drs. are not optimistic meds will bring it back up. So, the prognosis is a transplant. I’m scared as hell. I won’t let my kids see it. No way. Not for a second. But, internally, my wife and I are terrified. Thanks for the support your board offers. Take care, Mark.


  3. Hey Mini, just found your website and am really enjoying your writing. An amazing story and a great blog. I similarly had a heart attack at the relatively young age of 41. It was a life changer, but I couldn’t find the support I needed. All the info I found on the we was geared towards the retired crowd (when people are supposed to have heart attacks). I started a blog earlier this year and find it pretty therapeutic. It’s also providing a great opportunity to connect with people like you. Take care, Paul

    1. Paul,

      Thanks for the comment. What is your blog link. I would love to take a read. Heart Attacks are definitely a life changer and I am almost at my 1 year anniversary, crazy to think it has been a year already though ! Keep on being healthy !

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