Self Appreciation Day 10- LOYAL

Whether it is friends, family, girlfriend ( single right now !) I am loyal to those who are loyal to me.

I am fiercely loyal and for many people I will fight for them. I have never cheated on a girlfriend, even in moments of temptation when things were rocky.

I even have some friends that are on my non negotiable list.  What does that mean ?

It means that these friends I will never, for any reason walk away from because someone I am dating ” doesn’t approve”.  Most of the friends on this list are those who have been around for years or some who have had a huge impact on my life.

I have both male and female friends on this list.  I know this may make some women  I date uncomfortable BUT…I am loyal to my friends and will be loyal to “my girl”

I appreciate those friends who have stood by my side when most would walk away.  For that reason alone, it pays to be there for all my friends.

What are your reasons to be loyal to others ?



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