What is so great about being me? 30 days…30 Great Things.

Self Deprecation: self-dep·re·cat·ing

adj.Tending to undervalue oneself and one’s abilities.


 It was pointed out to me last year by a friend that I did this a lot in our texting conversations  I would make comments like ” I am short, I am not hot, I am not good at ……”  And so on and so on.

Since my friend pointed this out I have done my best not to make self deprecating comments and tried more to re enforce what is good about being me.  Uniquely me.

Well, the other day this same friend called me out again when I made a joke about offering to be a “Hot” massuese for her.  I followed it up by saying…”OH , wait, I am not hot”.  Her reply ” Stop being self deprecating.

I will say this about this girl.  She is pretty confident, pretty intelligent, quite awesome and I can’t really remember any time she has made self deprecating comments about herself.  I want that confidence.


Stand Tall, Be You, Be Great !
Stand Tall, Be You, Be Great !

So why do we do this ?  Most everyone I know does this in some way, shape or form.  Most of this is derived from insecurities we each have or things we may have been told.  We do this to down play things or brush off compliments.  Now, this friend did not say specifically that I was “Hot”  but her saying not to be self deprecating was compliment enough.  ( and, I am cute !)

I am usually the friend that tells those around him the good I see in them even when they don’t see it themselves.  I need to do the same for me.  It is very common to hear me say “You are awesome” followed by a good quality about that person I may be speaking with.

So, I have 30 days that I am going to find 30 things about me and post here, each day on this blog I have a goal to say one good thing about myself.  At the end of 2014 I want to compile this list into one big blog post and print it for me to read when I am not feeling so good about myself.

I am sure I may have tough days thinking of one but I will.  I hope you will do the same.

What is one thing that makes you amazing ?





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